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“To recruit the greatest skilled professionals, with the highest levels of integrity, to accept the most rewarding privileges of providing care to children, adolescents, and young children of the community as if they were our own.”

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For any questions concerning appointments, please send an email to our front desk personnel at Check-in: checkin@katymemorialpediatrics.com

For any general health questions, questions regarding prescriptions, requesting forms, requesting refills, questions about your latest appointment, or to provide any form that needs to be completed by any of our doctors, please email: nurses@katymemorialpediatrics.com

For billing inquiries please email: billing@katymemorialpediatrics.com

To contact the Office Manager please email Robin Perez at: rperez@katymemorialpediatrics.com

Remember that your patient portal is also a great source of information regarding all your previous visits, billing information, immunization records, prescription history, and much more.

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Tel: 281-392-8920

Fax: 281-392-6950

Email: checkin@katymemorialpediatrics.com

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