We follow the immunization schedule provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics. We are happy to discuss this schedule with you, which are usually administered during well-visit checkups.

You can also find more information about vaccines and schedules on the CDC’s website.

Time Interval Immunization
One month Checkup
Two months DTap, HBV, IPV, HIB, PCV13, Rota
Three months Checkup
Four months DTap, HBV, IPV, HIB, PCV13, Rota
Six months DTap, HBV, IPV, HIB, PCV13, Rota
Nine months Checkup
Twelve months MMR, Varivax, HepA, PCV13
Fifteen months HIB, Dtap, PPD
Eighteen months HepA
Twenty Four months Checkup
Four YEARS Dtap, IPV, MMR, Varicella
Eleven YEARS Tdap, MCV4
Sixteen MCV4#2

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