Saturday Clinic

There will be no Saturday clinic from April 14th for the next 2 months



Quality Care

Our staff of friendly and qualified professionals are trained to address many of your questions in several areas, both in English and in Spanish.

Our physicians provide medical attention from birth to 18 years of age. Additionally, the practice maintains separate sick and well-child waiting areas for our patient’s consideration.



Family Centered Care

We believe in the importance of creating a close team between parents and caregivers to ensure a healthy development for your children.

We do not compete with other practices on fastest visit times. While we do recognize the importance of everyone’s time, our doctors take the necessary time to make sure all parents’ concerns in reference to the visit are thoroughly addressed.



Our Mission

“To recruit the greatest skilled professionals, with the highest levels of integrity, to accept the most rewarding privileges of providing care to children, adolescents, and young children of the community as if they were our own.”


hOw To FiNd Us

hOw To ReAcH uS

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Fax: 281-392-6950


oPeNiNg HoUrS

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